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About Best Carts

HeyCafé Coffee Carts was established to provide a mobile Food and Beverage selling point solutions. While targeting the professional market our products were designed with the highest quality of materials, brilliant space utilization all packed in the best value for money you can have.

We design, build and deliver turnkey businesses with ability to plug-in, play and profit. The carts were designed with a vision of being the ultimate solution for mobile coffee business. Unlike most carts’ manufacturers, HeyCafé has the advantage of being on both sides of the business, on one hand a serious product designer and manufacturer and on the other hand a coffee cart chain high reputable operator. Our passion is coffee and running a successful business is our goal. (I’m not so sure I get the idea of our goal..)

Few years ago while researching other available existing solutions in the market the originator of HeyCafé (a mechanical engineer with deep background in highly utilized marine yachts) understood the importance of clean design with high level of integration between the different components of the system. On both sides of the cart, on operator’s side and on customer’s side, the user experience is ultimate. Operator will have a quick access and easiness of operation and maintenance for serving every serve with 100% success. Customer will get the clear and straight forward menu quick service time and pleasant stay while being served.

The HeyCafé carts are offering all the necessary elements for coffee shop one can think of, including integrated water system and waste water collection tank, under counter heavy duty equipment such as fridge freezer ice maker (according customers need), highly utilized storage space, clearly positioned and lighted promotion areas, fully divided and safe electrical system, WiFi , audio & video entertainment system and so on. The carts are offering wide versatile and heavy-duty stainless steel working and service counters for the operator, for the customer and for placing heavy machinery such as espresso machine, granite machine, ice cream machine or other required machine.

HeyCafé was immediately recognized as a business builder for the coffee innovators and our happy customers span are widening constantly to include customers from different locations around the globe.

Our company is a great match between east & west. We are locating in Shanghai China and among our team we have some top western minds combined with the best of the Chinese production ability. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the gourmet coffee business.