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HeyCafé products are engineered and manufactured according to the most advanced methodologies. Our precise manufacturing process begins with detailed sketching, continues with the tooling plan, CNC machines and parts manufacturing and ends with an accurate assembly process.



When buying HeyCafé products you are not only purchasing state of the art high-end products, you are also joining an expanding family of happy customers. We take pride in our customer service which pays extra attention to each customer and his needs. All HeyCafé products are fully certified (safety and sanitation) and warranted.



HeyCafé’s practice is Creation with Innovation, we develop our products with our customers’ needs kept in mind as the number one criteria. We pay special attention to the user’s safety and convenience of use, leaving our costumers satisfied with ease of maintenance and peace of mind. HeyCafé’s  sers depend on our products and our products never fail to deliver.



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HeyCafé was established in 2006 as the manufacturer of high quality commercial coffee grinders under the brand name HeyCafé. At HeyCafé the objective has always been developing innovative products while finding new ways to improve and enhance the user’s experience. HeyCafé is constantly exploring new markets and reinforcing its connections with main coffee industries worldwide. Our grinders are distributed in over 15 countries around the world and have received numerous safety and sanitation certificates such as ETL, NSF Gs and others. Coffee is our passion; we believe our grinders deliver the best value in the market. All our machines are assembled part by part with exceptional care and devotion. We intend to keep supplying affordable high end products as well as developing new ones to follow the market’s demand, all this without sacrificing the quality and precision of our products