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HC-600 ODG

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Quick Overview

The HC-600 ODG is a sub model of the dispenser model, and sharing all the benefits of the successful HC-600. The ODG series is featuring a programmable model (V1) and a manual model. It is a well-balanced grinding machine designed for heavy workloads, serving 1000cups per day and more, yet designed in a modern and elegant style. It is the best performance/price grinder in the world.

Heavy Duty cast Aluminum body.

Specially hardened tooling steel grindstones.

Micro adjust table for accurate grinding.

Teflon coated powder outlet chute, detachable washable powder outlet chute.




2 Optional Models





 HC-600 ODG V1 operating modes: 

Programmable adjusted single cup dose

Programmable adjusted double cup dose      





 HC-600 ODG V3 operating modes

Manual On Demand (quantity is manually controlled by operator)        















Technical Specification


Packing Information

Assembled Height: 560mm
Assembled Width: 210mm
Assembled Length: 330mm
Grinding stones diameter:               64mm (flat type)
Bean Hopper capacity: 1.2Kg / 0.6Kg
Grinding capacity: 6-9Kg/hour
Dosing capacity: 4-18gr/dose (on Electronic model)
Electric Power: 350watt
Carton Height:   650mm
Carton Width:   280mm
Carton Length:   390mm
Weight:   15Kg
36 cartons per pallet.