HeyCafé launches new Allround grinder Jack

We proudly announce the launch of Allround Grinder Jack!

We are absolutely delighted to unveil the latest product innovation within our HeyCafé lineup. Join us in extending a warm welcome to our latest addition, the versatile Allround Grinder Jack.

HeyCafé Allround Coffee Grinder Jack

Available in either black or white color, our Jack comes equipped with brand-new burrs, proudly crafted in Germany.

Designed to elevate your coffee grinding journey, we added a compact hopper and a versatile purge unit. Experience the flexibility of single-dose grinding with the included purge unit, allowing you to explore a range of grinding options. This feature adds a new level of convenience to your routine.

With its exceptional performance and competitive retail price, Jack promises an unmatched value for money.

Features include:

HeyCafé Allround Grinder Jack Features

  • 64 mm hardened steel burrs made in Germany for a great taste & high grinding performance
  • Cast aluminum grinding chamber with cooling ribs to minimize heat transfer to the ground coffee
  • Stepless grind size adjustment for precise results with an extra-wide range to match all coffee preferences
  • Low retention and steady flow of ground coffee for reduced waste and repeatable taste
  • Cleverly integrated features such as quick spout and flapper access to allow for easy cleaning
  • Height adjustable tray to accommodate a large array of dosing cups
  • Supplied with a small hopper and a purge unit that can also be used for single dose grinding
  • Low noise level for a quiet working environment


To purchase a Jack of your own, contact your local HeyCafé Distributor!