REPA is Official Spare Parts Distributor for HeyCafé

REPA is now an official alternative spare parts distributor for HeyCafé in 8 countries: Italy, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand

Hemro Group is excited to announce a strategic partnership with REPA, a leading force in the spare parts industry, who will now serve as an additional official spare parts distributor for Hemro's four international coffee grinder brands Mahlkönig, Anfim, Ditting, and HeyCafé.

REPA specializes in supplying spare parts to professional companies, enabling Hemro distribution partners to seamlessly facilitate transactions and ensure swift delivery to customers. This partnership underscores Hemro Group's ongoing commitment to providing exceptional support and service to its valued customers worldwide streamlining logistics facilitated by REPA’s expertise in spare parts distribution.

This strategic alliance signifies our commitment to streamlining operations and enhancing spare part accessibility for our valued distribution partners and professional end-users. 

Hemro Group Grinders

Starting June 2024, REPA will offer a comprehensive portfolio of 3,900 spare part articles, ensuring prompt delivery within 24 hours in Italy, France and Spain while assuring premium delivery of a few days to Saudi Arabia, India, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. This expansion of spare parts availability complements the existing Hemro distribution network of over 300 distribution partners globally.

The collaboration with REPA enhances accessibility and convenience for distribution partners and end-users alike reducing the need for high inventory levels as well as lead and fulfillment times drastically.

“As we unveil this partnership, Hemro Group is proud to announce our collaboration with REPA, a testament to our relentless dedication to serving our customers with excellence. This strategic alliance signifies our commitment to streamlining operations and enhancing accessibility for our valued distribution partners and end-users. With REPA’s specialized expertise in spare parts distribution to professional entities, we're ensuring swift delivery and reducing lead times. Together, we're elevating the coffee experience for enthusiasts worldwide.” - Ziya Boro, Chief Sales Officer Hemro Group
“As the partner of choice of industry-leading manufacturers of premium coffee equipment, REPA is honoured to support Hemro Group and its distribution network in these selected regions, with 100% OEM spares, a state-of-the-art technology as well as constant investment in innovation. We are committed to overserve Hemro customers with the right part, at the right time." - Gilberto Guidi, Group Director Professional Coffee