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Ilan Maimon is an engineer by profession and a coffee enthusiast by heart. In 2006 he decided to combine both and founded the coffee grinder manufacturing company HeyCafé. As a visionary managing director he leads his enthusiastic team in China and dedicates his work to the innovation and production of grinders for customers from Asia and around the globe. Any new inspiration and local requirement from the customers get evaluated and translated into either product updates or an entirely new grinding solution. Creating high quality coffee grinders to improve and enhance the user’s experience is the everyday motivation for Ilan Maimon and his team.

Ilan Maimon


Whether is it a dispensing, on-demand, bulk, domestic or built-in grinder: HeyCafé coffee grinders always provide the best value for money. Every machine is assembled with exceptional care and devotion without leaving cost effectiveness behind. While the materials as well as the operating cycles have been chosen and designed with efficiency kept in mind – they do comply with any major international security and quality standards and certifications, at the same time. This is how HeyCafé creates smart grinding for everyone.




HeyCafé is a shining example of China’s spirit of moving innovative technology forwards. Our skilled and experienced engineers make use of the most recent insights and tools to design HeyCafé’s grinders according to our customers’ needs. To assure the most efficient warehousing we rely on our reliable management system. Computer controlled processing machines produce our grinder components with unmatched accuracy, avoiding discards or mismatches. Finally, at our efficient assembly lines, every single HeyCafé grinder is put together by a team of qualified technicians.
Positive feedbacks from customers all around the world encourage us, to follow our pathway into the future.


HeyCafé is a member of the HEMRO Group.

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