BB Company

BB Company launched in the late 90s with the goal of introducing Italian espresso culture to Georgia. As they began to rapidly grow, they expanded their equipment offerings to include high-end and premium espresso equipment as part of their lineup. BB Company also offers fast service, spare parts availability, installation, and maintenance services. Their local showrooms consistently feature an extensive selection of coffee machines, grinders, and accessories from the world's leading brands.

As a leader in the market, BB Company operates a training center with a coffee preparation and barista school that comes with a certification program as a way to expand their outreach. BB Company has an extensive network throughout all of Georgia which helps them deliver unparalleled support and resources to their customers, providing training and technical instruction, and finding the right equipment for homes, cafes, offices, bars, restaurants, and even large shopping malls.

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BB Company is ready to provide consultation and help new customers learn about the best options for their projects. Their multi-faceted approach and two decades of experience make BB Company the go-to choice for those seeking comprehensive and high-quality coffee solutions in Georgia.