Kaapi Machines India Pvt. Ltd.

The simple idea of making world-class coffee equipment accessible to anyone who desired to savor or serve the best possible brew led to the birth of Kaapi Machines in 2007. Today Kaapi Machines India Pvt. Ltd. is a complete coffee solutions company and exclusive distributor of advanced coffee equipment from some of the most iconic names in the industry. Kaapi Machines caters to specialty coffee chains with unique themes, 5-star hotels, concept restaurants, and global corporations.

A lot goes into creating the perfect cup of coffee— the quality and freshness of the beans, the consistency of the grounds, the precision in time and temperature control, and everything in between. Kaapi Machines wanted to address the gap in efficient and sophisticated coffee equipment in India that could transform the superior quality of homegrown coffee beans into a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

With the intention of adding value to the entire coffee ecosystem, 360 degrees, Kaapi Machines involve themselves in everything from consulting on projects and training Baristas to regular servicing - they are a true partner in your business focused on quality and service. In the future, they endeavor to bring in programs that nurture, connect and build an ecosystem in the coffee industry via conversations, knowledge sharing, and building up each block in the chain.

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Over the last 17+ years, Kaapi Machines has launched cutting-edge technology and innovation in India by partnering with brands in the coffee equipment industry, including HeyCafé.

With a focus on quality, professionalism, and a steadfast service team, the biggest in India, Kappi Machines has earned the trust and partnership of many loyal customers whom they cherish to date.