Kávoholik, Bratislava Slovakia

The Kávoholik is a platform that joins coffee masters with coffee lovers. They are one of the only in Slovakia to provide comprehensive service in the coffee branch, with over 25 years of experience servicing coffee machines and grinders.

Kávoholik guides all their customers on a unique journey to experience coffee, advising on the best solutions for home or professional use, from carefully selecting green coffees and how it's roasted to pairing the right coffee machines and grinders for the coffee preparation.

At their own roastery, Kávoholik is roasting specialty coffee from the best-known farmers worldwide, designed primarily to prepare filtered coffee. They are an official distributor of HeyCafé's professional coffee grinders, guaranteeing warranty and post-warranty repairs, as well as supplying spare parts at their service center.

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If you want to buy a HeyCafé, the team at Kávoholik will deliver a great experience that is straightforward and swift, offering coffee products of the highest quality. They deliver a professional approach to after-sales and equipment service and provide barista training to their customers to prepare them for operation.